Financial Consultant

Job Description

Our client specializes in assisting International Professionals, whether they have been in Switzerland for one month or decades, utilize all financial tools and institutions available at their disposal to achieve their objectives, whether it is to lower their taxes, grow their savings, access property, protect their family, exit Switzerland, and so on.

They are a thirty people strong company, located in Nyon (canton of Vaud) providing clients a qualified service throughout their Online Client Portal to make the most of their time, and to be able to speak to clients at any time of the day or evening.

Their aim is to bring Holistic, Swiss Financial-Planning Services to a wide range of International Professionals (foreigners established in Switzerland since a month to twenty years) in order to help them achieve their Financial Goals and make the most of their life in Switzerland.

Company Key Points

  • They are an established start-up with a sound business model, process driven, strong cash flow and an experienced management team. 
  • Top Management each have each ten years-experience in the business. 
  • They are a forward-looking company, 90% of our business is done on the phone (no more face to face meetings unless it is a sign-up for a very big case). 
  • They have developed a unique Client Portal and Prospect Management System which allows their consultants to follow a well-defined and successful sales process over the phone remotely throughout Switzerland, without having to leave the office. 
  • Main advantages for Financial Consultant compared to other companies in the Swiss IFA world: 
  1. Strong Meetings generated by our Coordinator / Contractor team and online lead generation (50 new meetings sat per week on average), around 6 per FC weekly. 
  2. Strong Remuneration package 
  3. Phone-based business (no unnecessary travel time or travel cost) 

What Is Important:

  • Doing the right thing for their Clients, their Employees, their Company 
  • Working with good human beings who are humble, want to learn and build a career. 
  • People who have high expectations and aspire to become real professionals, taking exams and furthering their knowledge on an ongoing basis. 
  • People working hard who understand it takes time to succeed (Min. 2-5 years) 

Expected Employee Earning Potential

Potential earnings below are based on standard individual with standard abilities who follow the company processes with no previous experience, but a strong desire to succeed. Earnings can be much higher for exceptional people, especially when moving to management after a few years of service and depending on the growth of the company. Salary + Commission 

Candidate Requirements

  • Want a career, committed to this career path in CH, a progression path, humble, willing to learn, happy to earn little money whilst learning the trade, knows it is a 2-3-year commitment before becoming a successful Senior Consultant, knows will need to study to pass exams (if not yet done) 
  • Has already worked abroad in financial services for two years. 
  • Already living in Switzerland, with G Permit right to work visa & has worked for a competitor as a consultant for two years.

If you feel you meet these criteria, then please get in touch with your CV